Halima Abubakar sweetly celebrates Tonto Dikeh’s 38th birthday

Fans have praised Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar for her beautiful birthday celebration of her ex-best friend Tonto Dikeh.

On her Instagram feed, Halima posted beautiful images of Tonto along with encouraging messages.

Halima Abubakar prayed for Tonto’s continued fulfillment of her heart’s desires and added her best wishes in her prayer.

“Happy birthday babe. May our great God continue to grant you ur heart’s desire….. I wish you nothing but the best. My wigo”.

Taking to Tonto Dikeh’s comment section, Halima left a birthday wish for her.

“Amen my dear kingy. Happy wonderful birthday. More grace wigs”.

Fans of Halima Abubakar have applauded her for being mature.

Tonto Dikeh shows off her cakes as she marks 38th birthday

The D-Day is finally here for Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh as she turns 38 today.

Taking to her Instagram page, the philanthropist shared a video of her four luxury cakes.

Expressing gratitude to God, Tonto stated that she is thankful for life.

“Happy 38th cake day to me. I am gratefully thankful for life”.

Tonto Dikeh shares some of the important lessons she has learnt in 38years

Nollywood actress turned politician, Tonto Dikeh has shared some of the lessons she has learned over the course of her 38 years of life ahead of her birthday in two days.

The movie star shared on her Instagram page that she has learned not to spill all of one’s secrets to one’s family and friends since it can backfire.

She has also learned the importance of having numerous sources of income, keeping account balances private, and embracing one’s individuality.

According to Tonto Dikeh, she has discovered that trying to achieve closure is an a scam and that it is best to go on and start over.

“Things I have learned in 38 years.
Never tell your family everything; it will backfire.
Never tell your friends everything; it will backfire
Never tell anyone how much you have in the bank, that’s for you and the bank alone.
Don’t be too nice, not everyone has your heart. Be a good person but not a too nice person.
No one is like you, embrace your uniqueness.
Show yourself as much love as you can!!
Be selfish with your Space, boundaries, love, and trust.
Multiple streams of income are the new SELF LOVE, SELF CARE, AND BIGGEST BOSS MOVE.
No matter how little start something that brings daily income.
Fixed deposits are the biggest scam, next time ask your bank if you want to invest with them and watch yourself become a billionaire.
Finding closure is a scam. Move on and rebuild. Be your own motivation to be better and do better”.

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