Trump indictment: What happens next with case, campaign plans

Former President Trump was indicted Thursday after an investigation into his handling of classified documents, setting up the second time this year the front-runner for the 2024 Republican nomination will go through the process of appearing in court and facing charges.

In the meantime, Trump is expected to appear at two separate state GOP events this weekend, more information about the indictment may be revealed and law enforcement will work through logistics of the former president’s high-profile court appearance Tuesday.

Here is what is expected to happen next following Trump’s indictment.

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Trump has a Tuesday court date

The former president posted on social media that he was summoned to appear in court at 3 p.m. Tuesday in Miami, something his attorneys have confirmed.

He is expected to turn himself in, and his attorney, Jim Trusty, signaled Trump will be released following Tuesday’s proceedings.

“There’s not going to be an arrest. This is coming in on a summons. That was appropriate,” Trusty said on CNN on Thursday night. “This is not somebody who’s going to flee. This is not somebody that poses a danger to the community, which are the factors that you would normally consider when you’re talking about release, so, again, no arrest, no warrant, none of that kind of nonsense. But we will go through the bureaucratic process we have to on Tuesday.”

The former president may be asked to enter a formal plea in the case; Trump told Fox News on Thursday night that he intends to plead not guilty.

At Tuesday’s hearing, a judge will likely lay out any travel restrictions or other parameters that Trump must abide by, and the judge may set a schedule for the case moving forward.

Secret Service and others will map out logistics

In the days leading up to Trump’s court appearance, Secret Service and other law enforcement agencies will work out the logistics for what will be an extremely high-profile trip to the Miami courthouse.

“There’s a lot to kind of figure out between the U.S. Marshals and the U.S. Secret Service to make this as smooth as possible, make it safe for the public, and make it efficient in the courthouse,” Trusty said on CNN.

As a former president, Trump already receives around-the-clock Secret Service protection.

The situation will be similar to when Trump appeared in court in Manhattan in April, when Secret Service and local law enforcement scoped out the courthouse, worked through logistics and prepared for the possibility of demonstrations near the building.

Indictment details will become clearer

Trusty confirmed to CNN on Thursday night that his client is facing seven counts, including for violations of the Espionage Act and obstruction of justice.

He said he also believes a conspiracy count is included among the charges, an indication others would face charges in the probe.

But the Justice Department has not commented on the case since Trump broke the news that he was informed of his indictment, meaning key information about the charges, including how many there are, will likely become clearer in the coming days.

Trusty told CNN that Trump’s legal team will get a copy of the indictment “sometime between now and Tuesday afternoon.”

Trump still slated to speak this weekend

Even with the indictment hanging over him, Trump is scheduled to appear this weekend at two separate state Republican Party events in the South.

The Trump campaign sent out an advisory this week alerting that the former president is scheduled to arrive at 1 p.m. Saturday in Columbus, Ga. He will attend the Georgia GOP State Convention and deliver remarks there.

Trump will then travel to Greensboro, N.C., where he is set to arrive shortly after 5:30 p.m. and attend the North Carolina GOP convention, the campaign said.

Also attending Saturday’s North Carolina convention are Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and former Vice President Mike Pence, two of Trump’s rivals seeking the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

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