5 shot near community event in Seattle

A mass shooting at a community event in Seattle left 5 people injured on Friday night, one critically.

Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz said there were “dozens and dozens of rounds that were fired,” and that investigators have not determined if victims were specifically targeted.

The community event provides food and materials for those in need every Friday in the city’s Rainier Beach neighborhood.

“Honestly, this is really disturbing,” Diaz said, “when you have victims that were really just trying to do an outreach effort, trying to help people … get people on the right path — and this is what they end up getting hit with.”

Four of the five victims — four men and one woman — are in their 20s, Diaz said. One man was critically injured. It appeared that the shooter intentionally targeted a mass gathering, he said.

“The gun violence issues that we have in our city, we’ve seen it rise and sometimes slow down at times, but right now we’ve really got to get guns off our streets,” he added. 

Police are looking for two suspects but have not revealed any further information to the public.

The Seattle attack is the 411th mass shooting in the U.S. so far this year, according to the nonprofit Gun Violence Archive.

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