Akwa Okuko Tiwaraki: Celebrity Native Doctor Speaks, Reveals How He Was Kidnapped and What Really Happened 

Famous Anambra native Chidozie Nwangwu, also known as “Akwa Okuko Tiwaraki,” who was abducted, has been freed.

His release was verified on Saturday by DSP Tochukwu Ikenga, the Anambra State Police spokesperson.

Ikenga claimed that in the early hours of Saturday, the well-known native doctor was freed from kidnappers.

On July 23, about 11:30 p.m., Akwa Okuko Tiwaraki was abducted from his Triple P Hotel in Oba, Idemili North Local Government Area of the state.

Ikenga, who did not say how much his kidnappers took, claimed that they contacted the local doctor’s colleagues and gave them some cash before releasing him.

“I have knowledge that his kidnappers have contacted friends and family and demanded some millions,” he claimed.

Recounting his abduction experience after his supporters and loved ones flocked to his house, the native doctor revealed that some gunmen began shooting sporadically shortly after arriving at his hotel following a call from a friend.

Akwa said the gunmen who killed his security aides, shot at him too but he was protected by his charms.

He further revealed that he decided to go with the gunmen so no other person will be killed.

He also debunked claims of being abducted because he was owing someone. The native doctor also said that he was not abducted because he did evil to someone.

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