Don Jazzy Opens Up To ‘Upcoming’ Artistes About 6 Criteria to Get into Mavins Records

Don Jazzy has revealed for the first time to ‘upcoming’ artistes his six criteria for signing someone to Mavins.

In a recent interview, the singer revealed some of the criteria he considers before signing any artist to his record label, Mavin Records.

From a creative standpoint, the music entrepreneur, who is famed for his ability to find raw prospective, spoke about his six expectations when signing any musician.

Don Jazzy explained that, while he used to dismiss social media awareness as a consideration, it is now one of the first things he looks for in musicians.

Other essential criteria he looks for are talent, diligence, mannerism, character, and age.

Young people, according to Don Jazzy, move the market because they are more invested in culture and are more willing to support and promote an artist on social media.

He went on to define a successful artist as someone who can have an impact on their immediate or wider family.

The former Mo’Hits Records Vice President underlined that it is beautiful if an artist’s life is better than it was yesterday and they can touch their own direct or extended family.

Don Jazzy’s signing criteria emphasize the value of skill and character, as well as the use of social media in promoting new musicians.

In his words; “Once upon a time I wouldn’t think of signing an artist that is social media savvy but now I kind of want to put it at the beginning of my list.

Talent, due diligence, mannerism, character, age at the moment is kind of important as well. The people that move the market are the young ones because the older guys are busy making money for the family and are worried about their family. They don’t care about helping you to go and stream or watching your social media to know when you post but the young guys are still much into the whole culture.

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