Eko Hotel Honours Staff, Mary Kekwaru Ngozi, For Returning Misplaced $70,000 To Customer

The management of Eko Hotel & Suites has decided to recognize one of their employees, Ngozi Mary, for her dedication to safeguarding the company’s integrity.

On Thursday, Eko Hotels‘ management presented her with an Award of Excellence.

Videos circulating online recorded Ngozi Mary accepting the prize at Eko Hotel and Suites in the presence of the board of directors.

Ngozi witnessed a customer misplace $70,000 (N54.3m). Her honesty after returning the money got many Nigerians talking.

Davido, one of the numerous people who rewarded the lady’s exceptional character, begged people to find the lady for him, stating that he wanted to pay her $10,000 for what she accomplished.

They both had a video call, and Ngozi showered prayers on the Unavailable singer. A recent video that has gone viral online captured the moment the hotel worker got the money in cash in a white envelope.

The Chairman of Emohua local Government area, Hon. Chidi Lloyd, announced the appointment of Mary Kekwaru Ngozi as Ambassador of the local government area.

LIyod said exemplary and outstanding character of Ms Kekwaru has elicited joy among people of Emohua local government area, stressing that the people of the area are very grateful to the young lady for adding immeasurable value of humanity.

While announcing the development, Bright Jossy-Elendu,the Chief Press Secretary of the Council said:

“The Chairman will on Thursday, 3rd August, 2023, formally unveil Ms Mary Ngozi Kekwaru as Emohua Local Government Brand Ambassador, for elevating the image of the local government area with an exceptional character, at a brief reception to be held in her honour at the Executive Chambers of Emohua local government council.

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