I mistakenly used customer’s ATM card to withdraw five times -Banker

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An ex-banker, Uchenna Emmanuel, has confessed to having “mistakenly” used a bank customer’s ATM card to withdraw cash five times.

The suspect, a cashier, made this known on Friday while being paraded by the Ondo State Police Command in Akure, the state capital.

In his narration, he claimed to have made withdrawals from the account five times to purchase an item to the tune of  N35,000.

He said the POS machine he used was compromised which was the reason he easily carried out the fraud without the use of a Personal Identification Number.

His words: “I mistakenly used the customer’s card to buy things from a company. I thought it was my card.

“The manager later found the card with me and I was sacked immediately.

“They asked me how I knew the customer’s PIN, I said I used my PIN. They brought other POS and a policeman also tried his ATM card. The transaction was successful.

“I used the customer’s card five times.”

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