“If I’m not kissing Rihanna, Beyoncé, what am I doing with it?”-Cross reacts as Tbaj reveals she paid $10k for her teeth

Cross, a BBNaija ‘All Stars’ contestant, was taken aback when Tolanibaj revealed she paid 10,000 dollars on her teeth.

Tolanibaj revealed she spent $10,000 on a dental surgery that gave her pearly white teeth during their conversation.

Cross questioned why she had spent such an excessive amount on her teeth in light of this.

Cross asked: “So you carry 10,000 dollars put for your teeth like this? So if i punch you, $10,000 is gone? Is the tooth forever?”

Tolanibaj replied: “This is gonna last 10 years.”

Still in disbelief, Cross asked again: “So it is $1000 for every year?”

Tolanibaj responded: “You’re acting like you can’t afford it. Are you not doing crypto up and down?”

Cross interjected: “If I carry the 10,000 dollars and put it in the token, I can generate 50k to 100k dollars. But if I carry it and put in my teeth, if I’m not kissing Rihanna, Beyonce or Meagan Good, what the f*ck am I doing with it?”

Tolanibaj noted to him that when a guy approaches her, the first feature she notices is his teeth.

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