Los Angeles man arrested after FBI search found explosive devices, Nazi propaganda

Federal investigators arrested a Los Angeles man Friday after police raided his home and discovered illegal firearms and an improvised explosive, the Justice Department announced.

Ryan Bradford, who is believed to be associated with the white supremacist Peckerwood prison gang, plastered his home with white supremacist and Nazi paraphernalia, investigators said.

Bradford’s home contained multiple weapons and 3D-printed gun parts which can illegally make a firearm fully automatic. Investigators were able to search his home after he spoke about manufacturing illegal weapons online, and after he called for the mass murder of Jewish people.

One of his 3D printers was covered in a Nazi swastika, according to investigators.

He was charged with conspiracy to distribute meth and illegal ammunition possession.

“The defendant is a self-described anti-Semite associated with a white supremacist group which espouses the hatred of Jews and other minorities,” FBI assistant director Donald Alway said. 

“Hateful rhetoric that crosses the line into violence will get the attention of law enforcement and those who engage in such extremism will be held accountable should they act upon their violent rhetoric,” Alway added.

According to investigators, Bradford posted links on Telegram group chats teaching how to build grenades and other explosives, as well as espoused white supremacist and antisemitic views. He also offered to make firearms for members of the group.

In his home, federal investigators found a calendar with a date marked: “New Year’s Resolution: Take over the world — save Aryan race *Bake every single Jew.*” 

“The potential danger to the community cannot be overstated,” federal prosecutor Martin Estrada said. “We will continue to investigate this matter to ensure that this defendant is held accountable for his crimes, and to keep our community safe from acts of violence motivated by racist and hateful ideology.”

Bradford was arrested in connection to a November 2022 methamphetamine sale, which he attempted to coordinate with another member of the Peckerwood gang who was arrested last month.

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