Nigeria’s Current Challenges: A Call for Prudent Governance and Peaceful Solutions -By Shalom Kasim

As Nigeria grapples with a myriad of issues, it is essential to address the concerns that affect our nation’s progress and stability. Recent events have highlighted two pressing matters that demand immediate attention: the contentious ministerial list and the rise of Biafra proponents. As we navigate these challenges, it is crucial to adopt a measured and considerate approach, akin to a bikeman’s prudence towards the agama lizard when he deliberately refuses to run over the reptile, but honk until it scurried off before he (the bikeman) proceeds.

Firstly, the unveiling of the ministerial list has evoked dissatisfaction among Nigerians due to the perceived repetition of familiar names in positions of power. This recycling of former leaders raises concerns about new ideas and perspectives in governance. To build a progressive and dynamic nation, we must prioritize meritocracy and inclusivity, ensuring that competent individuals from diverse backgrounds can contribute to Nigeria’s development.

Secondly, the resurgence of Biafra proponents and their recent call for a total sit-at-home protest has fueled unrest and disruption in the region. While acknowledging the right to peaceful protest, it is vital to condemn any actions that lead to violence, loss of lives, and economic paralysis. Instead of resorting to force immediately, authorities should strive for dialogue, understanding, and reconciliation with all stakeholders involved.

The Nigerian government must uphold the constitutional rights of citizens, respecting their freedom of expression and peaceful assembly. At the same time, the government should emphasize the importance of adhering to the rule of law and the preservation of public order. Dialogue can foster a better understanding of the issues and pave the way for finding long-lasting solutions to grievances.

As we address these challenges, let us heed the wisdom of the bikeman who stopped before harming the agama lizard. We, too, must exercise restraint and caution in dealing with sensitive matters. Violence and force should always be the last resort, after all avenues of peaceful resolution have been explored.

Instead of perpetuating division and conflict, let us strive for unity and collaboration to build a stronger Nigeria. Our collective strength lies in embracing diversity and respecting the rights and aspirations of all Nigerians. By fostering an environment where ideas can flourish and grievances can be addressed constructively, we can forge a path towards progress and prosperity.

Nigeria faces significant challenges that demand wise leadership and unity. To overcome these hurdles, we must reject the allure of recycled governance and strive for merit-based appointments. Additionally, we must denounce violence and prioritize dialogue as the primary means of addressing grievances. Like the bikeman who valued the life of the agama lizard, let us value the sanctity of every Nigerian life and work towards a brighter and more harmonious future for our beloved nation.

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