“People can be bad” – German woman rants after troll claims her Nigerian husband married her for ‘Passport’

Anguish was expressed by a German woman who is married to a Nigerian man after she received a cruel message from a woman who said her husband was only with her for her passport.

Baby Oku Germany, a.k.a. Julia Nnebedum, took to social media to express her grief and draw attention to the prevalence of negative presumptions about interracial unions.

Julia Nnebedum, a mother of two, received a snapshot of a message from an unidentified woman, which started the incident.

She received a message that implied her Nigerian spouse had married her in order to obtain a German passport.

She was deeply offended by the false accusation and made the decision to make it public in an effort to raise awareness of the unfair biases that interracial couples must deal with.

She expressed shock that some individuals might have such unfavorable preconceptions about her marriage based only on her nationality and her husband’s upbringing.

She wrote;

“This are the moments that makes me to question God. Where is the love? Where is the humanity? Chaiii ppl can be bad!.”

Netizens Reactions…
@Cornel said; “What’s her business with their relationship? Even if he married her because of passport how it take concern you? Busy body!”

@Chichi said; “Hurt people hurt people..don’t mind her”

@Anonymous said; “She might not be enjoying her own marriage oh, but nah another person’s own she wan dey pock nose 👃. oversabi”

@TheMan said; “Nigerian women are jealous and bitter. Lol”

@Anonymous said; “Jobless fools that will never mind their business”

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