Social Media: A Curse Or A Blessing? -By Ofigo faith

Navigating through while searching for a befitting topic, I found this, and I couldn’t stop chuckling when it came to my head. Most people have different definitions of the word “Social media” and I am elated to talk about this.

Over the years, from the first day the phone was launched in Nigeria until this very moment, it has consumed most of our time, the then blackberry phones which were invoked came through crushing everyone’s mentality. Most people were doing everything possible just to own one jAsust so they could “Ping”. Now that I am a little advanced I can remember my elder sister owning one and she was addicted to her phone.

time went on, technology evolved and some of the phones which were seen as just for the wealthy men, or rather big girls and boys who know “WhatsApp” declined and were relegated to the background. New phones came in and most people were able to afford them. With the invention of new phone, a new social media app came out with the name “2go” As a little girl privileged to have elder ones who were generous, I got my first phone and got into 2go, I found it too be entertaining and I loved it, and with time, I got addicted to it, bringing us to one of the disadvantages of it.

You see, nowadays most youths are addicted to their phones, they barely move a step without them, even taking them into the restroom and staying in there for hours and this has continued. Most girls are ready to do whatever it is just to get the latest iPhone which has led to the death of many.

When Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg was newly launched, a lot of people were intrigued by it and most of them made friends on it, I could remember one of the stories that shook the internet of a girl who turned out to be the daughter of a popular ex army general who went to visit a guy she had met on Facebook and was killed, the innocent girl had gone there hoping to meet with her lover when instead she met with her demise, and this still happens until this very day.

Social media involve apps that youths, adults, and even teenagers indulge in recently, we have different examples of which are Facebook, threads, Instagram, Badoo, Twitter (now called x), and the most famous of them which has been trending non stop, TikTok.

Now, we have different youths who come online, showcasing their bodies to the public in the name of showing off and content creation. For a moment I am left to wonder what exactly is happening as with every day that passes, we are introduced to innovations by most of them which result in social decay among us.

Aside from the fact that most of the apps contain explicit content that one who is below 18+, shouldn’t watch, they also promote the use of drugs. The use of drugs has become rampant that even drugs that are supposed to be hidden are brought out and most of our youth are tempted to try them, most of them talk about how it boosts their morale and how they would be able to “Bomb” all night.

Ever since Yahoo was introduced, most of our youths had developed lackadaisical character as they resort to doing that instead of learning a skill which will be beneficial to them. A lot of them complain about how they cannot get their hands stained just to get money and instead resort to the quickened way which is the yahoo yahoo and the yahoo plus was invented, which happens to be deadly and involves killing of humans.

Looking on the bright side, where technology had improved and it had lessened the work of humans, unlike the life our forefathers had led in the past, we can talk to people across nations in split seconds, unlike before when we had to go to the post office to send a letter or rather, wait for months before we get a response.

Also, most of the content creators earn cool cash from their regular skit and they are able to live a comfortable life, although most of the skit actors are leading double lives and using skit making to cover up, we are forced to believe that is all they do..

Social media to me has some beneficial purposes which are outweighed by the evil it has caused to our society. Aside from the informative purpose, the fact that we can make calls whenever and wherever we want, the invention of it has made a lot of people depressed.

With each day that passes, the Internet trolls increases and with how bitter most of them are considering the recent economy and how it has drastically changed, the internet trolls have made a lot of people depressed with their ruthless words and their cruel ways of dishing out words. A lot of humans have ended their lives because of internet trolls and the unending insults they kept on receiving.

Social media has its blessings but it has caused a lot of harm to human race also. I wish most people would be kinder with their words and I wish people with good intentions meet those with good intentions also, at least it would help.

To me, Social media is neither a curse nor a blessing as it has its own good and it’s bad just like everything in the world does.


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