US highlights agriculture, pharmaceutical sectors crucial for Nigeria’s economic growth and development

The Chairperson of the United States House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee on Africa, John James highlighted the importance of focusing on agriculture and pharmaceuticals as crucial sectors for Nigeria’s economic growth and development. 

James mentioned that this is a substantial $90 billion infrastructural gap in Africa, which presents a lucrative opportunity for investors. He emphasized that this is great potential for investment in the continent. 

He said this at the Foreign Press Centre (FPC) press briefing held at Capitol Hill, Washington D.C where he reiterated the United States’ commitment to strengthening its relationship and engagement with all African nations. 

NewsTimes reports that two key sectors were mentioned by John James that could drive significant transformation in Nigeria’s economic growth.  

What he said 

James emphasized that the commitment reflects the dedication of the United States to fostering positive partnerships and contributing to Africa’s progress. 

He said, 

  • “We are committed to increasing the relationship and partnership with all the African countries. We desire that Nigeria makes the US the first choice for every economic and investment exchange and this will require mutual commitment from us both. 
  • “Unfortunately, during conversations with African partners, I am often told that they have no choice but to accept foreign-based concessions because there are no viable American alternatives”. 
  • “I think we must do more to consistently and reliably show up for Nigeria and other African countries, to prove that we are reliable partners,” James said. 

According to him, fostering greater engagement and cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship with Nigeria is in the best interest of both countries. 

  • “Statistics show overwhelmingly that our citizens desire good governance, democracy and provision of basic amenities for all,” he said. 

Furthermore, he pointed out that the United States must recognize that it is no longer the sole option and should strive to become Nigeria’s top preference. 

Reinforcing Ties with Nigeria 

Speaking also on this, Sarah Jacobs who is another ranking member, expressed the US heightened determination to revitalize and reinforce their ties with Nigeria and the other African nations. 

  • “We are pretty young to be members of Congress but we know Africa has the youngest population and a fast-growing economy which shouldn’t be ignored or only looked at only in times of crisis”. 
  • “For too long, it has been assistance being handed out but going forward, we want it to be majorly partnerships between us both,” she said. 

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