Woman utterly disappointed as generator gulps 12kg of gas in 7 hours while trying to cut cost

A Tiktok video by a Nigerian woman has gone viral, recounting her hilarious misadventure with utilizing gas as an alternate fuel for her generator.

The video, which was uploaded with the intention of conserving money and ensuring a steady supply of electricity, has drawn in a large number of viewers who have all found themselves smiling and reacting to her funny narration.

The woman, whose identity is concealed, introduces the video by describing why she chose to buy 12kg of gas from a local store.

She thought this would be a cheap and effective answer, especially with rising gas prices making alternative fuel sources more alluring. Her easy strategy was to connect her generator to the gas supply and take advantage of an apparently limitless supply of power.

Her optimism, though, was short-lived as she quickly learned the limitations of her gas-powered experiment.

She was shocked to see that the gas ran out after only seven hours of use, leaving her without power. She was astonished and irritated by the sudden change of events, and she wondered if switching back to standard gasoline would still be preferable despite its exorbitant price.

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