“Barbie” dominates Nigerian Box Office, rakes N177 million

Greta Gerwig’s cinematic creation, “Barbie,” has maintained its position in Nigeria’s box office, amassing  N177 million over a span of four weeks.

The movie, which has enthralled audiences since its release, displayed exceptional staying power, securing its hold on the number one spot throughout its run in Nigerian cinemas.

Nigerian box office shows “Barbie.” from its debut weekend earnings of N39.6 million.

The film surged to a notable N66.5 million within the initial seven days. Building on this momentum, the movie has now surpassed the N177 million mark.

The Nigerian premiere of “Barbie”, a pink carpet affair drew an assembly of the nation’s crème de la crème at Filmhouse Cinemas Nigeria.

Eminent personalities such as Saskay, Diane Russett, and Tacha graced the event adorned in “Barbie Girls” and dapper “Just Kens” attire.

The festivities extended beyond the premiere, with Filmhouse Cinema hosting a Barbie-themed brunch at the Art Hotel, igniting anticipation for the film’s release on July 21, 2023.

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Beyond the Nigerian borders, “Barbie” is on track to reach astonishing heights, with global earnings approaching a staggering $1.2 billion.

In the United States, it has outperformed cinematic history, surging beyond $537.5 million at the domestic box office.

This feat shattered the previous record held by Christopher Nolan’s 2008 superhero epic, “The Dark Knight,” making “Barbie” the highest-grossing domestic release in the annals of Warner Bros.

The narrative of “Barbie” is far from reaching its conclusion. Projections suggest that the film will soon surpass Universal’s animated sensation, “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” which amassed $574 million domestically in 2023. With its current trajectory, “Barbie,” having recently surpassed the $1.2 billion global milestone, stands poised to potentially eclipse “Mario’s” $1.35 billion earnings, thus becoming the paramount worldwide release of the year.

The journey of “Barbie” has been a rollercoaster. It retained its top spot for an unprecedented four consecutive weekends, and within just 17 days of theatrical presence, it secured a coveted spot in the $1 billion club, cementing its status as the quickest Warner Bros. movie to achieve this feat, and ranking as the eighth-fastest in the studio’s century-long history.

The success narrative of “Barbie” is an aftermath of a $150 million marketing budget, as reported by Variety. The production itself bore a price tag of around $145 million, according to insights from director Greta Gerwig featured in Forbes.

The brain behind “Barbie,” director Greta Gerwig, embarked on the project back in December 2016. The journey to its realization was punctuated by casting shifts; while Amy Schumer was initially earmarked for the lead role, creative variances led her to step aside. Eventually, in January 2019, the iconic mantle of the Mattel doll was assumed by Margot Robbie, and Ryan Gosling joined as Ken in October 2021, culminating in a cast for the ages.

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