Finally, Di’ja Speaks on her Premature Exit From Don jazzy’s Mavin Records

Hadiza Blell, also known as Di’Ja, a Nigerian singer and former Mavins Records signee, has responded to rumors surrounding her departure from the label.

The 39-year-old singer explained that she had not left Mavins Records and reaffirmed her support for Tems.

A fan inquired as to why Di’Ja left Don Jazzy, claiming that she could have reached even more success than Tems.

In response, Di’Ja set the record straight, stating, “I never left. Kindly know this. Life happens, and we are grateful for all the love and happenings. God bless Tems, and I need her to get bigger.”

To celebrate her birthday, Di’Ja shared videos on Twitter, showcasing the thoughtful gifts she received, including a cake from Mavins Records.

Expressing her gratitude, she wrote, “Thank you to my family, friends, and family at Mavin for my cakes. I must gain weight this year.”

Di’Ja joined Mavins Records in February 2014, debuting with her single “Yaro.” Throughout her time with the label, she collaborated with fellow Mavins artists on popular tracks such as “Dorobucci,” “Adaobi,” “Looku Looku,” and “Arise.”

Di’Ja’s clarification puts an end to rumors and highlights her continued affiliation with Mavins Records, although many desire to see a collaboration with them.

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