Hilda Baci’s Student in Tears After Her Special Video for N5m Prize Was Rejected by The Chef [Video]

Uchendu Chizuruoke, Hilda Baci’s student, has broken down in tears when her assignment video was not chosen for recognition by the popular chef.

Uchendu stated in her video that every student who performs well deserves an equal opportunity to win the N5 million price.

She noted that, while the volume of submissions may be overwhelming for a single individual, she appealed for help in contacting Chef Hilda to resolve the matter.

Uchendu questioned why her video was not considered a good example and demanded that the winning videos from Group 2 be reevaluated.

According to her, she spent so much money and effort in making the video and even forfeited her sleep. Watch her video below:

Social media users trooped to comment section to share their thoughts. Some reactions are shown below:

@iameazipara_ said, “This video is dope but let’s see other people’s videos too nan.”

@therealrichieflames said, “Why you dey throw meat inside pot from that long distance, when no be basketball competition you apply for.”

@shugarine said, “So creative.”

@ms_nma1 said, “Even me sef no go pick you la what kinda video is that. Ele u are showing us coconut tree and throwing meat to the pot facing back. Nne u need cane.”

@khemmys said, “I love your video, but others might have been better than yours. This doesn’t mean you won’t win next time. This is life. Brace up and go harder this time. You will surely make it. Plus, you have learnt. So use what you have gotten and run with it.”

@mideys kitchen said, “You did well but everybody cannot win.”

@oluchi _x said, “You’re good too but maybe not part of the best. Why the tears instead of working on your brand and make yourself better. I love your food sha.”

@jkgotpaid said, “Coconut rice or jollof rice?”

@_.girlikecherish said, “It’s a competition my love you tried but evervone can’t win.”

@partypacksby yetty said, “Are u saying others don’t deserve to be selected except you? Dey play.”

@if_e_y_I_n_W_a said, “U tried yes, but stop to dey embarrass yourself online by crying aunty.”

@hyfedy said, “I don’t understand, u were not picked and u are here online looking for justice wahala no too much for this social media.”

@mz dosunmu said, “She did well but not everyone will be a winner madam.”

@himynamesmaris said, “Any small thing person dn run carry camera begin cry, which manner of emotional abuse is this? If dem no choose you, REST.”

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