“I never knew Davido was married”- Alleged pregnant side chick, Anita Brown set the record straight

Anita Brown, the musician Davido’s allegedly pregnant sidekick, has reiterated her claim that she was unaware of the artist’s marital status at the time they were dating.

Anita admitted on the new platform Thread that she would stop explaining how she was unaware that Davido was married.

Anita remarked that she is too honest and forthright to make a fib about not knowing his marital status.

She believes that lying is useless and prefers to be honest.

She warned the trolls to stay away from her, pointing out how perplexed they are.

She clarified that she wants nothing to do with the Adeleke family as she is in a good position.

“I will never continue to explain over & over that I didn’t know a person was married.

Never continue to explain yourself to people, who live to misunderstand you”.

“I’m way too outspoken & real to lie.
I say what I want & do what I want.
Lying is unnecessary.
Ima keep it real 💯 every time.
Cause who gon check me?

Y’all disrespect me, ignore me, neglect me, and still want me to keep the baby.
Very confusing.
Leave me alone!
I want nothing to do with that family.
I’m good”.

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