Mark Angel Comedy Tagged Silent Billionaire As Video Of His Lavished Estate Surfaced [Video]

After visiting the home of popular Nigerian comedian Mark Angel, a Nigerian man was left speechless.

In a video shared on the TikTok app, the astonished man expressed his awe at the luxury structures he witnessed while emphasizing the profitability of comedy skits.

“Just look at Mark Angel’s house na. Jesus. This guy get Estate from comedy skit. The house is something else”, he said.

Watch the video below:

Mark is one of Africa’s top comedians right now, but he’s the holder of several remarkable achievements.

His Facebook page, for example, has over 17 million followers, and his YouTube channel was the first in Africa to exceed one million subscribers.

His co-star, Emmanuella, became viral a few months ago after constructing a typical house for her mother.

While sharing the photos of the house, she wrote:

“I built this for you mom. For all the prayers; all the encouragement and support. Mummy, I know you said you want a portable house and this is it. But forgive me because I must complete your mansion for you next year.

“Don’t worry, it won’t make us go to hell; my super Christmas mummy. I love you,” Emanuella had captioned photos of the house in a post on her Instagram account.”

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