She Looks Younger, Nigerians Stunned Over Dija’s Real Age

Di’Ja, a Nigerian singer, has stunned fans by announcing her real age to her fans all over the world as she celebrates her birthday.

Many people were taken aback by Di’Ja’s statement about turning 39, since her youthful appearance had led followers to believe she was younger.

To commemorate the occasion, the artist took to social media and posted a touching message along with a photo.

Di’Ja thanked the Almighty Allah for his favors and mercy throughout her life. She also thanked her spouse, family, friends, and supporters for their kind words on her special day.

In a lighthearted note, she shared her new passport photo, implying the necessity for a renewal.

She wrote: “I turned 39 years old today. I thank the Almighty Allah swt for His mercies on me. My husband, my family, friends and supporters, thank u so much for all the wishes today. Hehe sharing my new passport photo, time for renewal.”

As Di’Ja begins a new year of life, fans eagerly anticipate her future projects and celebrate her milestones.

Her transparency about her age serves as a reminder that true beauty and talent transcend numbers, inspiring others to embrace their journey with grace and confidence.

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