“Solitude showed me how valuable freedom is” — Trinity Guy emotional as he speaks on prison experience

Trinity Guy, a controversial sketch creator, becomes emotional as he speaks about his time in prison days after his release.

It should be noted that the Instagram prankster was charged in court and imprisoned for many weeks for making an indecent film with a kid.

Trinity Guy returned to his Facebook profile for the first time in nearly two months after his release.

According to him, his little stint in prison taught him the value of freedom and inspired him to be more upright in the future.


Spending few times in solitude showed me how valuable freedom is and how much the effect of a loving family can keep you from going insane. I will make sure moving on and try as much as I can to stay within the lines of modesty.

I would just like to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude to all my fans worldwide , all my colleagues and my family members, It is a very nice feeling when you know there are people who love you so much

God bless the Nigeria police and God bless everyone that stood by me,” he wrote.

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