“This is my husband right here”- Debbie Shokoya proudly unveils husband’s face amid husband snatching accusation

Deborah Ajijolajesu Shokoya, also known as Debbie Shokoya, a Nollywood actress, has finally revealed the identity of her husband.

Before his birthday this month, the Yoruba movie diva, who has been hiding her husband’s name, proudly showed him off to her followers.

Debbie sent him an early birthday greeting and proudly referred to him as her husband, expressing her unwavering love for him.

“Just because it’s the Month of the “Baby that baby me”. Happy Birthday in advance Okomi. August’s born are amazing!! Love you forever and days more.

That is my handsome husband right there”.

“Leave me alone, It’s enough”- Debbie Shokoya slams critics over her engagement to married man

Debbie Shokoya, a Nollywood actress, has had enough of the abuse she has been subjected to since Gistlover claimed that she is dating a married man.

Trolls have been flooding the actress’s page with abusive remarks ever since the news got viral.

Debbie Shokoya took to her Instagram page to read the riot act after becoming frustrated with the amount of insults she has been receiving every day.

The Yoruba star complained that she had had enough of their constant harassment and questioned why they insisted on waiting till she posted something before attacking her.

Debbie told them to leave her page and remarked that she had been living her life up to this point without their stupid advice and comments.

“Sincerely, it’s enough!!!!! It’s enough!!! If I am accused of anything that I didn’t do, maybe my agreeing to it will make you low lives leave me!! So be it…

Get off my page!!!
I have been living my wife without your stup!d opinions and advice before now…..
You are perfect and I am not, that’s fine pls.

You want to advise, go to your family gatherings!! You won’t force me to be bitter like you. Come with fake pages and real pages to talk nonsense, I will block you!! I have all the time today”.

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