Zamfara Governor Lawal Officially Inaugurate 18 Commissioners

Dauda Lawal, the governor of Zamfara State, administered the oath of office to 18 new commissioners in the region.

Two of the 18 freshly sworn commissioners, according to Gistlover, were female.

The Inauguration event took place in the Council Chambers of Government House in Gusau, Tuesday evening and after taking the oath of office, the newly appointed individuals were given their respective responsibilities.

In his speech, Governor Lawal instructed the commissioners to work hard because the Key Performance Index (KPIs) would be used to evaluate them.

The governor made a point of pointing out that the performance index will serve as the foundation for evaluating their productivity in relation to the tasks allocated to them.

Sulaiman Bala Idris, the governor’s press secretary, stated in a statement that the commissioners were recruited from various professions and were professionals in numerous sectors of effort.

Justice Kulu Aliyu, the chief judge of Zamfara State, gave the newly appointed commissioners their oaths of office.

According to the press release, “Governor Dauda Lawal tasked the newly inaugurated commissioners to double their efforts because they would be assessed by the Key performance index (KPIs).”

Lawal advised the commissioners to have positive working relationships and work together with ministries in order to advance Zamfara State’s growth and development

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