Americans trust Trump more than Biden to make economy better by 11-point margin: poll

Americans trust former President Trump more than President Biden to make the economy better by an 11-point margin, according to a poll from Suffolk University Sawyer Business School and USA Today.

In the poll published Thursday, around 47 percent of Americans said they trust Trump more to improve the economy, compared to 36 percent who said they have greater trust in Biden. Nearly 14 percent said they were undecided, while about 3 percent refused to answer. 

Meanwhile, nearly 70 percent of Americans said they feel the economy is getting worse, while around 22 percent said it is improving. Nearly 8 percent were undecided on the issue. 

Around 84 percent of Americans said their cost of living is rising, compared to nearly 4 percent who said it’s easing and 11 percent who said it stayed the same, while 8 percent were undecided. 

Just less than half, or 49 percent, of participants said they see their cost of living rising the most in food prices, with housing costs in second at nearly 16 percent. 

The numbers come as the White House has ramped up its messaging around “Bidenomics” as it marks the first anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act — a sweeping economic legislation package that aimed to tackle inflation, increase jobs and decrease drug costs.

However, consumers continue to feel the pinch from stubborn inflation over the past two years and increasing interest rates from the Federal Reserve.

A CNN poll released last week found 58 percent of U.S. adults surveyed believe Biden’s policies have worsened economic conditions in the country, compared to 24 percent who thought his policies improved economic conditions. 

Biden is set to deliver a speech Thursday in Maryland to warn against so-called “MAGAnomics” — referring to Trump’s economic agenda — and promote Bidenomics.

In Maryland, Biden will “hold House Republicans accountable for the full MAGAnomics agenda and contrast MAGAnomics with his economic vision,” White House senior adviser Anita Dunn wrote in a memo Thursday. 

The Suffolk University Sawyer Business School and USA Today poll surveyed 1,000 U.S. residents between Sept. 6-11. The margin of sampling error is plus or minus 3.1 percentage points. 

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