At Last: Undeniable Evidence That Pope Pius XII Knew About Nazi Crimes But Turned A Blind Eye -By Joe Dauda

One of the most sensitive series I have ever published was the series titled Gravity As A Weapon Of War. In that series, I provided irrefutable evidence that part of the plan of Satanists is to eliminate the Jews of this world. This plan is referred to as the Great Plan and it is contained within a so-called Great Invocation. You can read this is Parts 1 and 2 of the referenced series.  If you only want the meat without the stew, just read Part 2.

In establishing the fact that Satanists have powerful people in their ranks and that the Jews have the most powerful people in the world to contend with (proving that the continued existence of the State of Israel is a miracle in motion) I stated that the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church at the time acted like he wanted all the Jews annihilated — just like Hitler and the other Nazis.

How did I come to this conclusion?

If, like most sane people, you believe that action speaks louder than words and have the evidence at my disposal, you will be compelled to come to the same sad conclusion. I remember also adding that, after the United States and her allies defeated the Nazis, Pope Pius XII (who was the Pope during the Second World War) did something curious, which only goes further to confirm the belief in some circles that, like many of the most influential people on earth, he was a secret enemy of the Jews.  He fought for clemency on behalf of convicted Nazis.

At last, for reasons best known to them, an Italian publication known as Corriere della Sera, has just published some documents proving that Pope Pius XII had detailed information about the atrocities of the Nazis.  From a trusted German Jesuit, Pope Pius knew, for example, that up to 6000 Jews and Poles were being liquidated daily — by poisonous gas! And yet when the Americans asked the Vatican to confirm what they were hearing about Hitler’s atrocities, the Pope claimed that they could not verify diplomatic reports about what everyone suspected was going on in Germany.  This claim was made as an excuse to explain why the Roman Catholic Church kept silent while Jews were being butchered. As explained in Gravity As A Weapon Of War, there were enough Roman Catholic Church members in Germany who could have overthrown Hitler if the Pope had given the slightest indication that he was opposed to the horrible evil that was being perpetrated. When he was pressurized to issue a statement, the Pope did so — in Italian — but there was no accompanying translation to give Roman Catholics in Germany any direction.

Below is the evidence, which are news reports by several reputable international journals reporting on the publication by Corriere della Sera. Note that there is no point directing you to Corriere della Sera because it is an Italian newspaper.

The main evidence is in the form of a letter dated December 14, 1942.

Associated Press



This world is more complex than it seems. But the Bible and the Book of Revelation reveals things that makes such news not so surprising.

May God have mercy on all of us.

This is not a smear on Roman Catholics. It’s just the bare facts. To get the right perspective, please read my article titled How Sabbath Keepers Will Worship The Beast. After doing so, you will realize that my most serious criticism (again, based on bare facts) is reserved for my own constituency — The Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

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