Being faithful in marriage is hard – Richard Mofe Damijo

Nollywood legend Richard Mofe-Damijo, commonly known as RMD, believes that staying faithful to one’s spouse is difficult.

The actor made this allegation in a recent interview with famed comedian Teju Babyface, who asked him about marriage and staying true.

He went on to say that married men are typically targets of bad-intentioned women, and that this is tough to shake.

RMD began by saying, “It is very hard, let’s face it. Every one of us that is married, we are the target, I mean look at women, how can we escape it.”

He went on to equate those women to biblical figures like Jezebel and Delilah, who plotted the demise of males in the Bible.

He continued by saying that the only way to defeat such women’s efforts was to overwhelm them with power.

“Women are like Jezebel, they are like Delilah. They prepare The only way you can perpetuate the real intentions of the enemy is to constantly aim at the image of God or the symbol of authority at any time, you shoot it down,” he stated.

RMD went on to equate the scenario to that of an army commander, highlighting the need of men being strong in the face of hardship.

He also noted that men should fill in for their wives in such situations, as well as defend themselves from Jezebel-like women.

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