Buck turns up heat against House impeachment inquiry of Biden in op-ed

Colorado Rep. Ken Buck called upon his fellow House Republicans in an op-ed published Friday in the Washington Post. 

He disapproved of Republican efforts made towards an impeachment inquiry against President Biden. 

“We are barreling toward a government shutdown without making progress on cutting our out-of-control spending,” Buck wrote. “Yet Republican leadership has decided to divert attention to an impeachment inquiry into President Biden.”

The GOP, Buck argued, won’t be able to connect Biden to his “ne’er do well son’s corruption.” Hunter Biden’s “shady business deals undermined America’s image,” he wrote, but House Republicans won’t be able to find a smoking gun between Hunter Biden and his father. 

The impeachment inquiry examines the 2016 firing of Viktor Shokin, a Ukrainian prosecutor, that Biden helped facilitate while he was Vice President. Speaker McCarthy (R-Calif.) formally announced the inquiry on Tuesday.

Buck wrote that the “dominant narrative in right-wing media is that Shokin was an anti-corruption zealot with an active investigation into Burisma, the company where Hunter Biden held a seat on the board of directors, and from which he reportedly received large monthly payments.”

The impeachment inquiry comes from Republicans, who Buck claims, are “itching” but relying on an “imagined history.” 

Condemning his fellow Republicans efforts, Buck also pointed to the 2019 pursued impeachment led by then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He denounced that impeachment effort and said the recent GOP effort is “no better.”

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