Do you live in Nigeria? Tell us a few things about your work and win an HR Fest ticket

As of 2021, there were 60.5 million employed Nigerians according to the International Labour Organization. The number of employed Nigerians has significantly increased going by the recent modification to the methodology used by the National Bureau of Statistics of Nigeria in its employment status computation.

Beyond the number of employed or unemployed Nigerians, there are other important factors to consider with respect to the workspace.

Up until 15 years ago, most parents wanted their children to become doctors, lawyers, or engineers, or pursue what they considered equally respectable professions. The focus has recently shifted towards careers in the entertainment and technology space.

More recently, there have been discussions about toxic workplaces, horrible bosses, and similar workplace trends.

Intelpoint is trying to understand the Nigerian workplace: people’s academic disciplines, the kind of work they currently do, and their understanding of toxic workplaces, among others.

To understand the Nigerian workplace fully, Intelpoint has designed a questionnaire targeted at Nigerian professionals irrespective of employment status or experience level. Fill in the questionnaire below for a chance to win an HR Fest ticket worth ₦30,000, which gives you access to human resources personnel and recruiters, among others at the Modern Workplace Africa Conference happening next month.

Please note that it is an anonymous questionnaire and you will be directed to a form to enter your details for a chance to win an HR Fest ticket.

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