“Don’t mind my dressing” – 47-year-old Nigerian man looking for love ‘markets’ self on Facebook

Michael Uzondu, a 47-year-old Nigerian guy, has caused quite a stir on social media with his unique approach to finding love.

Mr. Uzondu publicly promoted himself in a trending Facebook post, citing his age, employment, and physical characteristics in his search for a meaningful relationship that could lead to marriage.

Michael Uzondu, who is from Abia State but currently resides in Lagos, took to the famous social networking platform to proclaim his hunt for a life companion.

In his frank post, he revealed his height of 6 feet 1 inch and stated that he was looking for a serious girl who was ready to settle down.

In his words;

“47 years old, businessman. From Abia State but based in Lagos. Height: 6ft1. I need a serious-minded girl who is ready to settle down. Serious relationship that will lead to marriage. I’m serious. Not joking.

NB: Pls don’t mind my dressing. I’M NOT MADE OF MONEY OOOO.”

Netizens Reactions…
Emmy Felix said: “You guys should stop insulting him. “If you don’t like the man stop commenting it’s not by force. “Stop making him feel so old ,47 years is not old. “Some of you people’s sugar mummy and sugar daddy senior that man.”

Favour Kc said; “This introduction is not complete, have you been single all these years or are you a divorcee or a widower? Be specific so the girl will know the battle she’s going to embark on.”

Adaeze Bella Adaeze said; “Na ladies from 30yrs up go fit u oo no be us that is in our early 20s.”

Eromosele Sunday said: “God divinely will bring that lady that is matured, respectful, tolerance and obedience to growing home with you sir and without faking love and affection just because of what she can scoop out from you. But pls sir. Love and cherish her because her world might be different from yours. God will make it happen for you. Happy soul searching.”

Adunni Adey Ademidun said: “Seriously for a grown up man to have the confidence and boldness to come out and hunt for a relationship you should all know that his eye have seen shege and he really want to settle down.”

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