“He only use to correct him but Mohbad did not hear word” Leaked audio of Mohbad’s father supporting Naira Marley surfaces

Since the unexpected death of Nigerian musician Mohbad, the entertainment business has been in upheaval, and the scandal surrounding his death continues to create questions and speculations. Naira Marley, the founder of Mohbad’s old record company, is one of the important figures involved to this tragedy. A new development, however, has transformed the narrative.

A leaked audio tape of Mohbad’s father defending Naira Marley has emerged, adding to the controversy surrounding the incident.

He revealed on the audio that Naira Marley and Sam Larry had no involvement in Mohbad’s death.

“”Naira Marley only use to “correct” Mohbad, but Mohbad did not hear word. Naira Marley is not a bad person, what he only did was to show Mohbad that he is bigger than him.”

This injection was reportedly given to treat an ear infection.
Since the news of Mohbad’s death came, there has been much suspicion, particularly about Naira Marley’s possible participation.

Given their previous working relationship, many people wondered if there was more to Mohbad’s death than meets the eye.

Let us also note that Mohbad’s father addressed the rumors and provided insight into his son’s terrible death in an exclusive interview a few days ago.

One of Mohbad’s father’s most crucial revelations was that Naira Marley was not present with Mohbad at the moment of his death.

Mohbad’s father categorically disputed the evil theories behind his son’s death. He presented an alternate explanation for the tragedy, claiming that Mohbad died as a result of complications from an injection delivered by an auxiliary nurse.

Mohbad’s problems in the music industry are not a new story. During an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo in January 2023, Bella Shmurda revealed the industry’s dark underside. Mohbad had reached a breaking point, so terrible that he considered suicide, according to Bella. Mohbad was only saved from certain death due to the prompt intervention of his lover.

Poco Lee, another close friend of Mohbad, backed up Bella’s statements. He turned to Instagram to offer a touching message about a chat he had with Bella Shmurda.

Poco Lee revealed that Bella had confided in him, disclosing that Mohbad had been appearing to him in distress, almost as if seeking justice from beyond the grave.

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