“Kesari” makes top 5 grossing movie with N55.5 million in Nigeria’s box office

Contemporary Yoruba-language film “Kesari,” produced and directed by the talented Ibrahim Yekini, has secured a coveted position in the top 5 highest-grossing movies at the Nigerian box office, accumulating an impressive N55.5 million in ticket sales.

In the list, Kesari claims the 4th spot, representing Nollywood as the lone contender, while the other films on the list originate from foreign production houses.

Originally released on YouTube in 2018, “Kesari” gained immense popularity and even spawned several sequels, including “Kesari 2,” “Return of Kesari,” and “Return of Kesari 2.”

Now, after three weeks in cinemas, the film has further solidified its success, amassing N21.50 million within its first three days of release.

What sets “Kesari” apart is its traditional historic appeal to audiences.

Additionally, it holds the distinction of being the first successful YouTube intellectual property (IP) to make its mark in the exhibition market, opening new avenues for content creators.

“Kesari” made its theatrical debut grandly, simultaneously screening in 52 cinema locations across Nigeria on August 25, 2023.

Despite stiff competition from Hollywood favorites like “Blue Beetle,” “Barbie,” “Meg 2: The Trench,” and “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One,” “Kesari” enjoyed a smooth weekend opening, capturing the number one position during its premiere weekend.

More insight

Breaking down the top 5 highest-grossing movies during the weekend of September 8 to 10, “Kesari” secured the fourth spot on the list.

Its total earnings of N55,515,825 over three weekends showcased its consistent appeal to moviegoers. Leading the pack was “Equalizer 3” with N63,722,627 in revenue after two weeks, followed closely by “The Nun 2,” which claimed second place with N10,991,974 in just one week of screening.

“Blue Beetle” maintained its strong showing, securing the third position with a cumulative total of N109,596,626 after four weeks in cinemas. In the fifth spot was “Bollywood-Jawan,” with N7,554,224.

These rankings are based on their weekend sales during the specified period, with the highlighted sales figures representing their total revenue over their respective time in cinemas.

“Kesari” has not only proven its cinematic prowess but has also set a precedent for indigenous Nigerian films, signaling a promising future for the local film industry.

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