Lagos building with over 800 rooms collapses

aaed onamo agboye

At least two persons are currently battling for life at a private hospital after a school-turned-residential building in the Ketu area of Lagos partially collapsed on Sunday.

The building housing over 800 rooms with hundreds of residents known as Agboye Estate on Oduntan Street, Ketu, first caved in on Saturday afternoon following hours of rainfall that greeted most parts of Lagos.

On Sunday afternoon, as residents were still trying to salvage their belongings, the building crumbled again, destroying another structure inside the compound before collapsing completely.

The development sent panic across the area, forcing hundreds of families and individuals residing in the building to vacate the premises.

Agboye 9

Agboye 8

Agboye 7

Agboye 6

Agboye 5

Agboye 4

Agboye 3

Agboye 2

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