Mohbad: ‘Our Grave Is Going to Be the Same Size’- Kanayo O Kanayo Advises People to Stay Humble

  • Kanayo O. Kanayo has spoken up days after the death of promising singer, Mohbad On his Instagram page,
  • The movie star shared some words of advice for his fans while telling them to stay humble

Following the passing of singer Mohbad, well-known Nollywood actor Kanayo O. Kanayo has expressed his feelings.

Recall how the 27-year-old musician passed away on September 12, 2023, in arguable circumstances that sparked outrage on social media?

In a recent development, Kanayo used his social media page to consider life and offer advice to his devoted supporters.

The seasoned actor believes that people should maintain their modesty. He added that while a person may have a large home, a luxurious car, and a sizable bank account, everyone’s graves will be the same size.

He wrote: “No matter how BIG your house is OR how new your car is OR how fat your bank account is, our grave is going to be the same size. STAY HUMBLE.”

Netizens Reactions…

The veteran Nollywood actor’s post got many of his Instagram followers talking. Read some of what they had to say below:

Kizzyservicehubltd: “Thanks for that timely reminder.”

mightyboicomedy: “A lot of people don’t understand it.”

chinwe7695: “Wise saying When foolish people make money, they behave as if the world belongs to them.”

mightyboicomedy: “But it the other hands everyone need to make his or her own vanity, before believing the word vanity upon vanity .”

uchennannanna: “The grave must be the same size God bless you for the reminder Sir.”

Kingpinarts_: “Yes, but there must be SACRIFICES before we leave this world!!”

opiaegbe: “If people only thinks about this our world would be a better place.” *

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