New Trump campaign ad hits DeSantis with subtle, mocking cameos 

A new ad released by former President Trump’s 20204 reelection campaign seems innocent at first — with videos highlighting various times in Trump’s political career.

Fast forward about 30 seconds and that changes, as cameos of his closest political rival — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis — start popping up throughout montage.

The video, shared on Saturday by the former president on his Truth Social platform, takes a subtle dig at DeSantis, with less-than-flattering footage of the governor and a look at recent polling numbers.

“That’s the point that he’ll get the point, he’ll probably back down,” the lyrics of Trace Atkins’ song “Whoop a Man’s Ass” says over the video of DeSantis.

The advertisement is the latest in the ongoing battle between the two 2024 presidential candidates. The GOP hopefuls were once political allies, but as the Republican primary has drawn closer, the bitter rivalry has escalated. 

DeSantis has criticized Trump for his age, his administration’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, stance on abortion and foreign policy. Trump hasn’t held back either, taking jabs at the Florida governor online and at in-person during campaign stops.

In his slew of insults on the campaign trial, Trump has nicknamed the governor “Ron DeSanctimonious” and taken credit numerous times for DeSantis winning the governorship.

In July, DeSantis said he doesn’t mind the former president’s “juvenile comments” at all. He thinks the comments help him with voters, he said. 

DeSantis, who once was a top contender in the polls against Trump, has fallen significantly in the months since announcing his bid for the GOP nomination. Efforts to revive the campaign have also fallen short, including early primary states, where support is critical.

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