Nigerian Institute of Builders collaborate with Lagos State to eradicate building collapse

The Nigerian Institute of Builders (NIOB) has announced a collaborative effort with the Lagos State government to completely eradicate building collapses within the state.  

The News Agency of Nigeria reported that this disclosure was made by Mr Lucky Isename, the Chairman of NIOB’s Lagos State Chapter, during a press conference held in Lagos on Thursday.

He revealed that the upcoming 32nd Lagos Builder’s Conference and Annual General Meeting, scheduled for October 11th to 12th, will focus on examining sustainability concerns in construction to prevent building collapses.  

According to Isename, the chosen theme, “Safe and Sustainable Building Production Management in Nigeria,” aims to address and rectify past mistakes while assessing the impact of law neglect on construction activities in Lagos State. 

Strengthening enforcement for safer building practices in Lagos State 

He said that Lagos State has established robust laws that require enforcement, prompting NIOB’s collaboration with the government to implement and uphold the Lagos State Development Planning Law, 2019. 

Mr Isename emphasized the partnership with the Lagos State Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development to ensure the full implementation of the Lagos State Development Planning Law, 2019, ultimately reducing building collapses.

He stressed the importance of focusing on safety and sustainability in construction, as the construction industry significantly contributes to national development. 

His words: 

  • “The collaboration with the Lagos State Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development is to make sure that the Lagos State Physical Development Planning Law 2019, is fully enforced to mitigate building collapse in the state. 
  • “The construction industry through safe and sustainable building production management plays a vital role in the development and growth of the nation. 
  • “However, it is imperative that we focus not only on the speed and efficiency of construction but also on the safety and sustainability of our built environment. 
  • “We cannot discuss construction and building without touching Sustainable Development Goals.”  



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