No crime if Sunrise paid Dr. Oguloye’s medical bill or travel expenses after he left office.

It’s not news that a foreign legal firm white & case is using EFCC and some elements in ministry of justice department to fight Sunrise Power Transmission Company.

Reliable sources reveal that this foreign firm which is charging Federal Government hourly and in dollars, stands to make $1.6MUSD, whether it wins the case against Sunrise at the ICC or not.

Government officials, past and present have been invited by EFCC for questioning on either basic transactions or transactions perceived as suspicious.

There is nothing in the Nigerian law which stops or prevents assisting or gifting government official after retirement.
What the law is against, is inducing government officials to do one’s bidding.

If or not Sunrise or it’s chairperson gave a gift to a government official in cash or otherwise, the question remains was it to induce or appreciate work done on its merit.

If the EFCC and cable media constantly get information from the ICC proceedings or record, who counter investigates their interpretation of basic innocent busness communication and dealings? and what’s the motive behind the synergy of EFCC cable media and White & Case ?

Dr. Oguloye had finished his job based on the merits of the transaction, when Sunrise/ Leno Adesanya assisted him with medical bills and travel expenses.
Dr. Oguloye wasn’t even a minister at the time. If and when Sunrise showed kindness to a friend, absolutely not wrong with it, considering they related for many years on this viable project.

It is evident that the EFCC is looking for anything to discredit Sunrise and doing the bidding of white & case with the false believe of liberating FGN from the arbitration.

3 decades on, is Sunrise’s solution of bringing in funding and expertise with China, remains the most viable solution to the mambilla hydro power project.

What does Nigeria need at the moment, moving forward ? Or exposing its long history of not fulfilling agreements promise after promise.

Would President Bola Ahmed Tinubu break this long haul jinx ?
By: Ibrahim mustapha pambegua Kaduna state. 08169056963.

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