People In Plateau Are Complaining Of Attacks, Those In The Far North Are Coping With BH, But See What Is Happening In Lagos -By Joe Dauda

And I’m relieved this is not a case of Yoruba versus Igbo or Yoruba versus Hausa, which can quickly become flavoured with sentiments and prevent people from seeing the danger we all are facing if the government does not act fast and if Nigeria is not holistically sanitized. This is Yoruba versus Yoruba. In fact, both alleged victim and alleged perpetrator are Muslims. Indeed, the problem with Nigeria is not tribalism because there is no educated, urbanized, and civilized Nigerian who does not have friends from across the regions and even the religions: it is impossible to live in Nigeria without interacting with people from different backgrounds.

You can’t read this story without feeling the danger ahead. When law enforcement officers worship money, everybody is in danger. But don’t be quick to judge them. Consider how much you spend on fuel alone per week (even before May 29, 2023 when subsidy removal was announced) and then find out how much the average policeman is paid as monthly salary. I have shared the opinion with a few friends that, going by the realities of today’s Nigeria, the most junior police officer ought to be paid not less than N150k. My recommendation is actually N250k, to be accompanied with a harsh and unpardonable life imprisonment if they are found aiding and abetting crimes, criminals, or criminality.

It’s a sad story from Punch Newspapers. But it is worth reading. Only children should be protected from unpalatable facts. Adults should know what is going on around them, if only to be mentally ready to deal with such situations, which I do not wish anybody.

No wonder Jesus Christ commanded us to pray daily and say to God:

Thy kingdom come and Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

In the coming kingdom of God, there will be nothing like what you’re about to read. It will be righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost!

For those who read my last post, thank God that September 11 2023 came and passed without any event. But be mindful of the fact that there is a United Nations meeting going on right now. And the UN is the most visible institution of globalists and globalism. Whether now or later, they must make their move.

And why am I so sure?

Because Revelation 13:8 must be fulfilled.

Here is the link to the Punch story.

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