Twitter Will Now Charge Users ‘Small Monthly Subscription- Elon Musk Reveals

In order to combat “vast armies of bots,” Twitter, now known as X, is “moving to having a small monthly payment for use of the X system.”

This was disclosed by its owner, Elon Musk, on Monday during a livestreamed conversation with Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister.

What additional features would or would not be included with payment at the lowest tier were not disclosed by Musk, nor was it stated how much the new plan would cost users of the social network.

Musk also shared some updated X statistics during the livestream, claiming that the platform now has 550 million “monthly users,” who produce 100 million to 200 million posts daily.

How many of the company’s monthly users are actual people as opposed to bots was not disclosed by Musk. Additionally, he did not make a direct comparison to Twitter’s earlier metrics. Before Musk took control of the company in May 2022, Twitter stated that it had “average monetizable daily active usage” of 229 million.

It was intended for the conversation with Netanyahu on Monday to center on the hypothetical dangers of artificial intelligence technology and possible regulatory measures.

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