UNICAL students spotted ‘having fun’ in night class, Video causes buzz

@Silva_Unusual, a Nigerian man, recently tweeted a hilarious video of two University of Calabar (UNICAL) students having fun during a supposed night class session.

The viral video has left internet users in stitches and has created a wave of laughter across social media platforms.

@Silva_Unusual covertly recorded two UNICAL students who appeared to be doing something other than studying during their late-night lesson in the video.

Despite being in a night class, these two pupils had no books or study materials, which perplexed observers.

The hilarious scene began with the students nibbling and casually munching on food while sharing a moment.

Soon, their activities shifted from eating to scrolling through TikTok videos together, which was an unexpected twist.

Their body language and conversations began to mimic those of a pair, adding to the situation’s humor.

@Silva_Unusual proceeded to catch this unfolding insanity, demonstrating that studying was clearly the last thing on their thoughts.

The film reached its climax when both the male and female students, who appeared uninterested with their academics, were exhausted and fell asleep.

The pair’s ability to swap sleeping positions had @Silva_Unusual laughing uncontrollably.

This unexpected twist in their night class journey has made the online community giggle, with netizens sharing the video and adding amusing comments.

Netizens Reactions…
@Wendy’s kitchen said; “This lecture room looks like my school.”

@Annie said: “Why didn’t they just go home??”

@Little nifa3 said: “Na hostel love be disboth of dem de stay for hostel dat y.”

@ike_amara01 said; “Make dem first see their semester result, their mind go dae.”

@QT_Marshal said; “Me wey carry big extra large bread go night class i no do 30mins… me me and my Gs don taya… omoh road to house no far shaaa.”

@Esther Ogbu said; “You way de record hope you don read finish.”

@Eso said: “You wen leave book do video nko.”

@JojoBee said: “Common face your work(Dj chicken’s voice).”

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