“Venita is 36 with two kids Ade is 29, how do expect that to work??” — Reactions as Biggie sets up romantic dinner for Adekunle and Venita

Biggie made things interesting for.Adekunle and Venita of BBNaija All-Stars as they get treated to a lovely dinner date.

The reality show couple got to experience a gorgeous atmosphere filled with love, petals, and a magnificent dinner on Friday evening, compliments of the event organizers.

Unfortunately, the dinner date turned sour and awkward for the couple since Venita did most of the talking and Adekunle mostly nodded.

They closed the date with a subtle quarrel, providing viewers with the impression that it was the worst date ever on the reality show.

Netizens Reactions…

hrh_ese said: “Most boring date ever …. Adekunle is too dry abeg, just nodding his head like agama lizard”

sonia467438 penned: “CeeC said it that the ships in the house are not real. Now see the evidence 😂😂😂”

favvy_favourr opined: “So sorry to say but the man that will end up with venita will try oo 🤦🤦 Dinner date wey other people dey enjoy, dey love up and strengthen relationship, venita use am dey criticize her supposed man 😂😂”

prettypellz stated: “Y’all should understand Adekunle’s feelings isn’t as invested in this relationship as Venita’s. Venita initiated this and she bought the “Dinner date for two” with her moniepoint coin so Adekunle didn’t.
Venita is 36 with two kids. Adekunle is 29, how do y’all expect that to work??”

legend.zino_ said: “Most boring date I have ever seen in my life ! Venita said she is irritated 😂😂😂 Adekunle just Dey look like mumu bad boy Deks Abi mumu deks 🤡.”*

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