“What Mohbad Suffered Is What They’ve Been Doing to Me”- Yul Edochie Blasts Rita Edochie, Other Celebrities Over Their Hypocrisy

The Nollywood actor Yul Edochie is upset with everyone, including fellow Nollywood celebrities, who have publicly called for justice in the matter of the late singer Mohbad.

In a lengthy social media post, the actor pointed out the irony that the people now demanding justice for Mohbad were the same people who had harassed him for over a year because of his decision to marry another woman.

He endured insults and constant bullying for more than a year over a decision that, in his opinion, worried no one, despite knowing what drove his decision.

Yul questioned why these very individuals, who are now advocating for justice, didn’t rally for Mohbad’s cause while he was still alive, instead of using his name to boost their online presence.

The actor didn’t hold back in throwing shade at his aunt, Rita Edochie, for exploiting his marital issues and support for his first wife, May, as a means to gain online attention, instead of reaching out to him directly.

Yul took his colleagues to task, highlighting that none of them had stepped up to defend him in the face of continuous bullying, curses, and insults that he endured for over a year.

He wrote in parts:

All of uno why day posy justice for Mohbad, plus the Nollywood people way join day shout am, you’re not different from the people that were maltreating Mohbad.

You’re all Demonds and wicked people simply chasing clout. You’re all the same people who have been insulting me for over one year, bullying me on the internet, trying so hard to kill me for matter why no concern uno.

Simply bcos I took a personal decision for my life that is not your business. How many of you fought for Mohbad when he was alive? Now that he’s dead, you are using him to draw traffic to your page. Useless people. For over one-year bloggers have been telling all sort of lies against me.

What they did to Mohbad is what they have been doing to me on the internet for over one year. How many Nollywood people have come out to say enough? You’re all waiting for me to die so you can post my picture and write your nonsense, ‘justice for …”

Na tunder go fire una. I lost my son. In the, midst of the unbearable pain, demands say na me kill my son. How many of uno come out to fight for justice, even my own Aunty has not called me on the phone for one day to ask me what happened, instead she day use me day draw traffic for her page.”

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