“Why quiet men should marry women who have madness in them”- Uche Ogbodo

Uche Ogbodo, a Nollywood actress and pregnant mother, has revealed why men should marry crazy people.

In a message to the opposite gnder, the mother of two recommended calm men to marry women who are the polar opposite of them in character.

Men, she claims, require women with a dash of insanity to defend them in public.

Uche also advised women to be physically and spiritually forceful in their protection of their males.

“I beg as a man if you are quiet and you know you take a lot of shit. I beg try marry person wey get madness for head.
Like you need a woman who would say… Hey, come here don’t talk to my husband like that. Shey e ya were ni.

Me I am that Madwoman and that Madwoman is me!
If you hurt my man in the slightest way possible you hurt me too, no matter who you are, I will pounce on you.
Even if I hear, I no dey there, you are already my enemy I no wan hear explanation.
I am my Man and my Man is me! One soul! One Body!
As a woman, you have to be physically and spiritually aggressively protective towards your man!”.

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