Woman heartbroken, shattered after finding out her hubby isn’t the biological father of their 4-year-old son

A mother has reached out for help when her husband found that their four-year-old child is not biologically his.

The alarming revelation was made when the husband opted to have a DNA test done on his son.

The woman, who opted to remain anonymous, shared her sad experience on social media, expressing her uncertainty and remorse for what she did.

She had always assumed that the child was her husband’s because she had used protection during her previous affair, which resulted in the child’s conception.

According to her, she had cheated on her husband with another guy, but her use of a condom convinced her that the child was not the outcome of that affair.

The DNA test results, however, shattered her world, revealing that her spouse was not their son’s biological father.

In her words;

“Hello Auntie Momoza, could you please hide me🙏. I have a child and have been co-paranting with his father. Rcently his father did a DNA test and found out he is not the father. I was so shocked and confused… right now I don’t know what to do. It’s been 4 years the child is used to him and his family.

I did cheat on him with someone but we used a condom, that’s why I didn’t think the other guy would be the father. I called the other guy to tell him the news he didn’t want to hear anything and said I should leave him alone. I want him to do a DNA test also but I don’t know how can I persue him into doing it. I regret all my actions and sorry for what happened.”

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