“Your story doesn’t hard up”- Fans slams Lizzy Jay as she cries out for help over blackmail with her nu3de

Lizzy Jay’s followers have confronted her over her allegations of being blackmailed by a Nigerian actress.

Lizzy Jay had sobbed for hours at being used as nude blackmail.

The movie star claimed in a video on her Instagram page that she has been receiving calls and messages from someone who claims to have her in her nude for the past several days.

She described the entire scenario while expressing intent to sue the blackmailer.

Many of her supporters responded by asking her questions and pointing out the inconsistencies in her statement.

One Sannig Ibrahim wrote, “Your story does not harden up. Why do you have to send your doctor your PR parts including your face? Go and explain to the police, a real doctor who values his certificate will not blackmail you.

One Fawaz Dixe wrote, “So why do you feel the need to explain if you only sent it to your doctor? Did you include your face

One Ella Fabrics Place wrote, “You go explain taya, no evidence. I hope you’re able to resolve it because your explanation is somehow

One Ladex wrote, “The story is not adding up but sorry

One Gesa Seventeen wrote, “E be like say all una dey ment for dis industry. No wahala since na d new format b this I dey wait to watch for free.

One Okim Global World wrote, “It’s well. But how can Snapchat work on 2 devices at same time?

One Real Tosyn wrote, “You said you were even bleeding and in pain still you didn’t go to the hospital. Ur story never clear ooo

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