FG heightens surveillance at entry points following the outbreak of bed bugs in France

The Federal Government has heightened surveillance at all entry points in the nation following the outbreak of bed bug infestations in France and some parts of Europe.

A wave of panic and disgust has spread across France as travellers have posted their photos and videos showing bed bugs on the Paris local transport system, high-speed trains and even the Charles de Gaulle airport.

Coordinating Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Professor Muhammed Ali Pate, announced that the ministry is committed to ensuring that appropriate measures and responses are set in place to prevent and contain bed bug infestations nationwide.

What He Said:

  • “The ministry has developed a draft sheet which will be in circulation soon to strengthen awareness and health education on the control of bed bugs.”
  • “I urge the public to cooperate with Port Health officers at entry points in the course of their surveillance activities.”

Why It Matters:

  • Bed bugs are apple seed-sized (small and flat), reddish brown, wingless insects that hide in beds, bedside objects, clothing, luggage and furniture.
  • They crawl and latch to the clothing and luggage and are transported when people travel to different locations.
  • While they do not cause any illness, their bites cause severe discomfort, itching, allergies, sleep disturbances, anxiety and depression.
  • Your risk of bites increases when you’re in places where people come and go often like buses, planes, apartment buildings, and hotels.
  • Early detection is key to controlling their infestation as they can point everyone at risk.

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