Furex App launch redefines crypto and digital asset trading landscape

The Furex App Launch Event, held at The Jewel Aeida Events Centre in Lekki, Lagos, marked a significant milestone in the world of digital finance. Furex, a leading name in the cryptocurrency industry, introduced a groundbreaking trading platform, setting new standards for crypto enthusiasts and traders alike.

Key figures from Furex took center stage during this event, shedding light on their vision and innovations for the future of crypto trading. Furex Founder and CEO, Fure Eviosekwofa; Marketing Manager, Alfred Jarikre; and Product Manager, Damilola Olatoye, played pivotal roles in unveiling Furex’s revolutionary offerings.

In his opening statement, Fure Eviosekwofa, Founder and CEO of Furex Technologies, highlighted the event’s significance, stating, “The Furex App represents the culmination of our vision for a more accessible and efficient crypto and digital assets trading experience. It’s a step towards financial freedom for all.”

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Alfred Jarikre, Head of Marketing at Furex, emphasized, “This event is not just about launching an app; it’s about launching a movement. Furex is committed to building a diverse and dynamic crypto community, and our brand ambassadors are a testament to that commitment.”

Damilola Olatoye, Product Manager at Furex, provided insights into the app’s features, remarking, “The Furex App is designed to simplify crypto trading. It eliminates the need for users to wait for suitable buyers and sellers and automates the trading process, making it accessible to users of all levels.”

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The event showcased the Furex App’s user-friendly interface, innovative features, and the introduction of four influential brand ambassadors from the entertainment and lifestyle sphere, including Ola of Lagos, Isokoboy, Classy Jesters, and Anthon Umeh.

These ambassadors will play a crucial role in promoting financial empowerment through the Furex platform.

Furex extends an invitation to all crypto enthusiasts to download Furex App Version 1, available on Google PlayStore and AppStore.

Users who sign up will gain access to welcome packages, marking the commencement of their exciting crypto journey. #FurexAppLaunch

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For media inquiries, please contact:

Alfred Jarikre

Head of Marketing

Phone: 09067688122

About Furex Technologies:

Furex Technologies is a leading force in the cryptocurrency industry, dedicated to simplifying and enhancing the crypto trading experience. With a strong commitment to innovation, Furex aims to empower individuals and businesses in the digital era.

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Furex has announced the launch of an innovative trading platform set to revolutionize the digital asset landscape. Learn more about this exciting development here: [Insert Link] #FurexAppLaunch #DigitalAssetRevolution”


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Furex unveils its groundbreaking platform to revolutionize crypto and gift card trading! Discover the future of digital assets here: [Insert Link]

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