Glovo launches “The Courier’s Pledge” in Nigeria to provide extended benefits to drivers

Glovo has announced the launch of “The Courier’s Pledge” in Nigeria. First introduced in Georgia and Morocco in October 2021, The Courier’s Pledge is Glovo’s attempt at providing more benefits to the couriers who power its delivery service. 

The Courier’s Pledge follows three core pillars – fair earnings, 360 safety, community, and equality. Under The Courier’s Pledge, drivers receive insurance coverage for accidents, family expense benefits, sickness, and maternity and paternity coverage. Per its website, 41% of the couriers on the Glovo App have children, hence the launch of the service. 

Drivers also get increased earnings through a bonus system. Since it launched, Glovo says weekly earnings have increased in the countries where the pledge was launched. Glovo also provides drivers with professional training in business development, digital skills, community, and languages. 

“We believe that couriers deserve equal access to social rights and benefits, regardless of their contractual relationship with the platform. The successful launch of The Couriers Pledge in Nigeria represents a significant step towards creating a fairer working environment for our couriers in the region. We are proud to have all African markets covered under this initiative,” Lamide Akinola, Glovo’s Nigeria General Manager, said at the launch. 

Having been launched in Nigeria, the pledge will come into effect in other African countries where Glovo operates.

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