I believe in hardwork over destiny – Singer, Magixx

Alexander Adelabu, also known as Magixx, a Mavin Records artist, has stated that he believes that people may achieve their goals via sheer hard effort rather than fate.

The singer stated that he does not believe in destiny since, regardless of what a Higher Power has decreed, he believes that anything one desires may be obtained.

He mentioned this as a guest on The Beat 99.9 FM in Lagos, adding that as humans, “our intuition is our God.”

Magixx said; “I believe in hard work. I’m not one of those people who believe in destiny. I don’t believe in destiny. I believe anything you want you can get.

“As a human being, once you set your mind to something… I feel like our intuition is our God. When you can believe in something so much delusionally.

“If you can think about it so much like I’m going to do this thing tomorrow, as craazy as that might sound, you can actually do it. That’s how powerful your mind is.”

Singer, Magixx reveals he’s still a virgin at 23

Alexander Adelabu, a Nigerian singer and songwriter better known by his stage name Magixx, claims to be a virgin.

The 23-year-old artiste made this known during an interview with HipTV where he talked about his love life and latest songs ‘Colors’ and ‘Loyal‘.

Both songs were released by the Mavin Records signee in March 2023, and they are his first of the year.Magixx explained that ‘Colors’ depicts his feelings for a girl and how he is willing to go to any length for her, whereas ‘Loyal’ discusses trust issues in relationships.When asked about his relationship status, the musician simply stated that his virginity is still intact.“Me personally I am a virgin, for real,” he said.Magixx added; “You can write stuff off your personal experiences and off other people’s experiences, so I’d like to see myself as a social scientist, a social observer.”

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