“Madam U get feelings for this guy, Yes or No”- Reactions as Nigerian Woman Discovers Her Gate Man and Maid Are Lovers

A video that has gone viral on social media depicts a humorous sight of a Nigerian woman living a lavish lifestyle with a maid and a gateman at her home.

When she learned that her gateman and maid were covertly dating and slipping into his room while she was away, she was astonished.

The gateman was seeing the maid, so she made the decision to approach them and demand that he stop so he can concentrate on protecting her.

The awkward exchange between the woman and the gateman as she questions him is caught on camera.

The video is one of the many examples of how social media platforms can be used to share funny and entertaining content that can go viral and reach millions of people around the world.

Many online users have been amused by the circumstance and have commented on how funny and strange it is in response to the video.

some of the reactions below:

DAsY: “O my goodness my name sake.”

Majork: “Madam eye get oooo.”

Kehindefatai840: “Your gate man sabi good things o “

Regeh: “Let the girl stay away from him nah..person no fit calm konji in peace.”

Shagwello07: “Justice for gate man, let him be na, haba abi you dey crush on him?’

Last-born229: “My guy is not happy so he want happyness to make him happy.”

TheAnonymousperson: “Why are you blaming him when Happiness is bringing food for her na pls blame Happiness.”

Cartel Man: “How do you cage a woman that is on heat?”

Jacksonsmith said: “Madam U get feelings for this guy.”

Mimisco reacted: “Talk to your house girl.”

Matthew_Spark wrote: “Abeg leave gate man make e still get am clear.”

Toffany coney: “Be like say this madam get interest.”

Nelsonpo123 commented: “So what now happened.”

Alexagyeit1: “Just allow them.”

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