Nigeria is a safe place for foreign investors, Budget Minister, Bagudu declares

The Minister of Budget and Economic Planning, Sen. Atiku Bagudu, has stated that Nigeria is a saviour for foreign investors to operate their businesses and seamlessly repatriate their profits.

The minister made this statement after the 2023 Nigerian Economic Summit in Abuja during a press briefing on Wednesday.

Bagudu said that despite the country’s multiple challenges, the government is resilient in providing an enabling environment for both foreign and domestic investors, noting that these moves will ensure economic activities thrive in all parts of the country.

According to the minister, the positive results of the economic policies of President Bola Tinubu will soon begin to emerge for everyone to see.

He said,

  • “Nigeria is an investment haven for investors, despite being faced with some challenges which President Bola Tinubu is currently working on and the result will show soon.
  • “Nigerians are a very resilient people. That we can gather the private sector to talk about putting money in Nigeria is a statement of resilience.
  • “I can read an online statement about a state and decide that I may never go there. but people live there and earn a living.
  • “Investments, particularly by the private sector, is a statement that we believe in our economy and these investments help us to dominate our environment.
  • “There are many places we had cases of insecurity, where people are afraid, but today, economic activity is resuming, and people are being reintegrated with various programs.”

In addition, he said that many countries have come out better and stronger after experiencing Nigeria’s type of hardship. Bagudu also assured that Tinubu had a good budget plan for the country.

More on the Story

On his part, Olaniyi Yusuf, Chairman of, the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG), said that the summit was held annually for the growth and development of the country.

Yusuf mentioned that there were ongoing efforts to recreate the summit’s achievements at the sub-national level.

He stated that the anticipated results of the summit included the president publicly declaring his administration’s readiness to collaborate with the private sector.

  • “The summit which is an annual event has continued to yield great benefits in terms of influencing implementable policies.
  • “Policies like the removal of fuel subsidy, the passing into law of the Petroleum Industry Act, among others were birthed from previous summits,
  • “There will still be the National Economic Summit in Abuja, but we will work with the governor’s forum to have regional summits at the sub-national level.
  • “We should look more at the positive side and appreciate the challenges. We must recognize and celebrate the successes,” he added.

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